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Located at: 1001 N Russell St Suite A

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About Us

Mountain Heights is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Missoula, MT. They heals the Missoula medical marijuana community through top-quality, cannabis products coupled with consultative, compassionate patient care. They serve the local patient community with the finest medical marijuana a dispensary could offer.


Dedicated to their patients, this dispensary goal is to offer Missoula the highest quality cannabis at the most affordable price. The dispensary team is specializes in matching marijuana strain to symptom. They invest time in their patient-consultant relationships to truly understand why their patients are exploring cannabis for their health needs. With this thorough understanding, they can guide individuals along their cannabis journey to achieve lasting, effective wellness.The Missoula dispensary team can answer any patient questions, and they always want their customers to leave with a smile on their face.


They grew circled through dozens of seeds to find the best versions of different cannabis therapies and mastered their cannabis knowledge before opening their dispensary in early summer of 2017. They knew the best cannabis comes from the best growing processes.

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