National Holistic Healing Center Washington, DC

Located at: 1718 Connecticut Ave NW Level T

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The National Holistic Healing Center proudly stands as the premier medical marijuana dispensary in Washington D.C. With a precise specialty in aligning their patients with the most effective strain for their symptoms, they work with a proactive interest in helping their patients achieve maximum wellness. Offering everything from organic strains, educational services, complimentary classes and everything in between, they strive to provide their patients with fast, convenient and personalized dispensary service. They wanted to help patients access not only medical marijuana but find the strain that would best align with their ailments.


Education is a huge priority at this dispensary, especially in regards to matching each patient’s symptoms with the best-suited strain of cannabis. Their cannabis specialists meet one-on-one with patients to guide them to the optimal family of strains and concentrates, teaching them how best to treat themselves. As additional resources, the team proudly offers a full curriculum of educational sessions, such as Marijuana 101 classes, edible classes, cooking courses, Know to Grow classes and much more.

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