Nature’s Care – Rolling Meadows, IL

Located at: 975 Rohlwing Road, Rolling Meadows, IL, USA

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About Us

Nature’s Care is a medical marijuana dispensary serving Rolling Meadows, IL. Long before modern pharma, nature provided care and remedies for human suffering. At this dispensary, medical marijuana is the best holistic healing product available to patients suffering from debilitating conditions. Part of their mission is to educate patients about the natural healing power of cannabis and to provide compassionate care that helps improve quality of life for suffering patients.


They believe that cannabis is one of those remarkable holistic solutions. They exist to bring that knowledge and compassionate aid to all who suffer. There are in this life together, connected by mother nature and to each other. This is a State-Licensed medical marijuana dispensary located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. They welcome all valid patients that are currently participating in the Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program (IMMPP).


Here at their dispensary, they pride themselves with providing the best medical cannabis products to be found in the Chicago region. Their top priorities are product knowledge, exceptional customer service, and compassion for all valid patients in Illinois. Tbeir medical marijuana dispensary provides full transparency for their patients. They strive to provide the best medical cannabis resources, along the latest news in the region for the medical marijuana products.

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