Nature’s Medicines – Detroit, MI

Located at: 14800 Tireman Ave

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About Us

Nature’s Medicines is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Detroit, MI.


Where Self-Care Begins

As true believers in the restorative powers of cannabis, our mission is to turn you into a believer too.

Whether you’re new to the wonders of cannabis, or a longtime connoisseur, Nature’s Medicines is here to guide you. Our number one goal is to inspire you on your personal self-care journey – and educate you along the way.


Inspired By The Wonders of Nature

Unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence, our highly trained, innately thoughtful Patient Service Providers are committed to helping you make conscious choices about your health and well-being. They’ll ask you the most relevant questions for your self-care goals and listen carefully before making recommendations.

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