Nature’s Medicines – Phoenix, AZ

Located at: 2439 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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About Us

Nature’s Medicines located in Phoenix, AZ is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The friendly folks at this dispensary are proud to provide Phoenix medical marijuana patients with award-winning cannabis products and ensure potency and quality. The dispensary staff works one on one with patients to answer questions to help understand what types of marijuana products are best suited for their needs.


Their dispensary complies with Proposition 203 and offers compassionate prices on menu items. Patients with questions are welcomed to speak to a dispensary team member in person or by phone and via social media. They dispenses “deli style” with complete transparency.


They are completely open with their patients, proving unparalleled service and top shelf medical cannabis. Their Flowers are both potency and purity. At the dispensary, they are stored in glass bell jars, where you can see and smell them before committing to the purchase. They are even weighed and packaged right in front of you. There are no secret ingredients, as all components and results are posted where you can see.

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