Nature’s Summit Gardiner, ME

Located at: 189 water street ,Gardiner ME

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About Us

Nature’s Summit Medical Marijuana is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at Gardiner, ME. They offer Gardiner medical marijuana patients everything they could need in the world of cannabis healing and works hard to exceed every customer’s expectation. Their dispensary features a large menu of marijuana therapies, all cultivated in-house with love, to change the lives of their patients and offer a lasting, improved quality of life. This was founded by a Maine family who found extreme fulfillment and value in helping others in need.


Their dying wish was that they share the same life-changing benefits of marijuana with other patients who needed its aid. Thus, they began in mid-2017 to provide the mind-blowing healing cannabis can provide and remove suffering from their communities. The team at this dispensary  are passionate about removing the stigma of cannabis, helping people and easing the rampant effects of the opioid crisis. Their dispensary operates as a family affair, where the family is involved with both making products and providing insightful recommendations to new Gardiner patients. They are also highly involved with its Gardiner community.

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