New Amsterdam Naturals – Las Vegas, NV

Located at: 823 S. 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV, 89101

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About Us

New Amsterdam Naturals is a Downtown Marijuana Dispensary located at Las Vegas, NV. It is a Las Vegas’ premier marijuana dispensary catering to both recreational and medical patients. Focused on patient satisfaction, public health and safety, their dispensary is dedicated in reversing the negative stigma attached to the marijuana community. Their diverse menu of premiere, high-quality products allows patients to choose the right medicine for their needs.


Trying to choose your primary medical cannabis provider can be difficult. In Las Vegas, patients reap these benefits first-time patients get a premium pre-roll for a penny with a $20 purchase. Seniors receive a 10% discount. Veterans get a 20% discount. ADA receives a 20% discount.


This dispensary offers a vast selection of extracts, Moxie being its most popular brand. The dispensary also has a rotating deals menu that refreshes every day, so be sure to ask the budtender what the daily deal is when you stop in. The dispensary follows Nevada state laws regarding medicinal cannabis.

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