Noa Botanicals Honolulu, HI

Located at: 1308 Young St

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About Us

Noa Botanicals is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving Honolulu, HI. At this dispensary, their  mission is to improve the wellness of their community through a knowledgeable, caring approach backed by botanical science. By offering to their community a naturally medicinal choice, they aim to relieve the body, ease the mind, and comfort the soul of their extended family.


They empathize with each patient’s story and guides them step by step to lasting wellness through knowledgeable care and medical cannabis treatment. They are proud to be one of Hawaii’s first dispensaries ready to guide medical marijuana patients to lasting, natural relief. Their name means “freedom from restriction” in Hawaiian.


The team at the dispensary accompanies patients along with their journey to wellness, rather than simply selling a cannabis medicine. They work as active partners and help patients to find, measure, and improve upon their cannabis paths. They inspires patients through thorough education, and will gladly answer any questions to better help people play a more active role in their health. Their dispensary team listens and engages with their Honolulu visitors and works hard to enrich their community and relieve the mind, body, and soul of suffering individuals.

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