Northern Belle Holistic Alternative Medicine Brunswick, ME

Located at: 408 Bath Rd

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About Us

Northern Belle Holistic Alternative Medicine is a Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving the location Brunswick, ME. They promise compassion, education, and attentive care to every medical marijuana visitor to their Brunswick dispensary. These true believers in holistic alternative medicine provide a variety of natural remedies, including cannabis, to alleviate their patients’ suffering and improve their quality of life.


They sprung up as an extension of their founder’s commitment to living a life free of chemicals and pursuing holistic wellness. They themselves have several years of experience in holistic wellness, serving Brunswick marijuana patients as a caretaker while tinkering with all-natural beauty products and skincare.


The team prides itself on being able to connect with patients and intimately understand their health needs. Their dispensary staff takes multiple health and lifestyle factors into account, and strives to address the whole of a patient’s wellness rather than use cannabis to treat separate symptoms. One-on-one time is gifted to every visitor to their Brunswick marijuana dispensary.

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