Northern Lights Indoor Gardens – Sitka, AK

Located at: 1321 Sawmill Creek Road Suites O and P Sitka, AK, 99835

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About Us

Northern Lights Indoor Gardens is a Sitka, AK Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. This is a Sitka, AK dispensary that caters to both recreational and medical cannabis users. This dispensary offers medical marijuana patients and recreational users an extensive level of expertise.


The cannabis strains available at their dispensary, which include sativa, indica and hybrid varieties, all come from plants they cultivate in-house. Their dispensary provide customers with a complete history of all the plants they purchase, from the seed stage all the way to the bud stage. When it opened in February 2017,they have served hundreds of customers in just its first week of operation.


Friendly with everyone, the dispensary grow loves connecting with cannabis enthusiasts and explaining different strains and their varieties. With years of growing experience, their dispensary retail store budtenders are happy to share their wisdom regarding the marijuana plant itself and how to grow. They are prides themselves on representing their community, and look forward in serving the Sitka region for many years to come.

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