NuEra – Urbana, IL

Located at: 105 East University Avenue, Urbana, IL, USA

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About Us

NuEra Urbana is a trusted and professional licensed medical marijuana dispensary based in Urbana, Illinois. They are committed in offering the purest, safest, and most efficient marijuana medicine for their patients using a compassionate and clinical approach to their patient care. Holding themselves and their cultivation vendors to the highest standards, they offer medical grade cannabis that is completely in compliance with state laws and pharmaceutical regulations. Their team is committed to cutting no corners and providing safe and efficient medical marijuana to their patients.


Their clean and welcoming facility makes their patients feel at home, and their compassionate dispensary staff will walk each patient through their selection and discuss their conditions and symptoms to find them the most effective cannabis remedy. They robust medical marijuana product selection includes everything from flowers to concentrates and edibles. Every cannabis product is selected from local Illinois vendors who share their commitment to quality medicine and patient care. In the clean dispensary, staff work compassionately with patients to find the best product for their needs and preferences.

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