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Located at: 879 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

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While Off The Charts San Francisco is part of a thriving cannabis scene, our standout combination of modern ambiance, exceptional product variety, and unrivaled customer service clearly distinguishes us as a premier cannabis destination in the city. At Off The Charts, we’re passionate about making high-quality cannabis products accessible and affordable for everyone. That’s why we chose to establish our state-of-the-art dispensary in the heart of San Francisco‚ÄĒbringing exceptional deals and convenience to our valued customers. Our ultimate goal is to create the most seamless, enjoyable, and hassle-free cannabis shopping experience possible. At our Off The Charts San Francisco location, we are committed to offering an extensive variety of premium cannabis products to suit the needs of both recreational and medicinal users. Our competitively priced selection boasts over 200+ leading brands, featuring exceptional flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and CBD products. Discover the perfect product for your unique cannabis journey at our state-of-the-art San Francisco store.
We take immense pride in being a top-tier cannabis sanctuary in the vibrant heart of San Francisco. Our state-of-the-art, ultra-modern store sets us apart from the rest, offering an unparalleled cannabis shopping experience. Our highly knowledgeable team is devoted to providing personalized assistance to each customer, ensuring they leave with the perfect cannabis product tailored to their needs. Our unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction has made Off The Charts the ultimate choice for cannabis enthusiasts in San Francisco.

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