Positive Energy Ocean City, MD

Located at: 9939 Jerry Mack Road, Suite 500

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About Us

Positive Energy is First Medical Cannabis Dispensary at Ocean City, MD. The compassionate staff of this dispensary is eager to connect with medical cannabis patients throughout the Delmarva Peninsula area. In 2014, Maryland became the 21st state to legalize medical cannabis when Governor O’Malley signed House Bill 881 into law, and also became the 18th state to decriminalize cannabis possession.


Their mission is to serve the needs of its patients with care and compassion. Based on a holistic balance of naturally occurring components, they provide a wide selection of high quality medicinal cannabis products for the improvement of human health while working to develop a stable, professional cannabis products in Maryland.


The team strives for health improvement and an increased quality of life with a premium selection of products and knowledgeable staff. The moment you enter the dispensary, you will experience why that is the dispensary’s name. They bases their product choices on a holistic balance of natural components to provide a menu of high-quality medicinal cannabis.

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