Potomac Holistics Rockville, MD

Located at: 14808 Physicians Lane, Suite 211

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Potomac Holistics Medical Cannabis Dispensary at Rockville, Maryland. They provide their patients with medicinal cannabis products to enhance the overall health and quality of life for those with medical needs. Their products include oils, tinctures, balms and flower with dozens of strains changing seasonally. There are proud to introduce pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products to patients residing in Rockville and the surrounding Maryland regions. Fully compliant with the state’s medical marijuana regulations, this dispensary offers patients quality medical cannabis treatments and dedicated customer care to improve their overall wellness and quality of life.


When Maryland legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, they rallied together to serve their neighbors in a comfortable, welcoming dispensary environment. Working hard to open and operate in full compliance with marijuana codes, They offer a beautiful space equipped with handicap access and easy-to-understand product selection and consultations. They look forward to opening their Rockville dispensary doors in late summer of 2017, welcoming the Maryland patient public with knowledgeable service and a varied cannabis selection.


Their staff and owners believe medical cannabis is an alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals without many of the negative side effects. The professional staff have compassion and committed to providing you with medical cannabis to help you achieve a better quality of life.

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