Rocky Mountain High – Alameda Denver, CO

Located at: 1233 W Alameda Ave

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About Us

Rocky Mountain High is a Premier Upscale  Medical Cannabis Dispensary located at Denver, CO .They offer five-star customer service, top quality cannabis, extracts, oils, edibles and hash at competitive prices in a safe, private environment. This dispensary continues to serve the neighboring Denver communities the finest grade marijuana products. Operating in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20, the dispensary team pledges to provide superior customer service.


The dispensary also owns and operates Cannabis Station for a total of eight dispensaries statewide. In 2013, Colorado made history by passing the first marijuana act. This legislation allowed them to serve Colorado’s public needs. They take pride in donating portions of their profits to Cancer Societies.


With a team of grow and experts along with expansive geographical locations in Colorado and throughout the country, they are well equipped to best serve their customers’ needs. Also at this dispensary, they are known for their in-house infused product line and award winning cultivation.

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