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Located at: 301 Smokey St

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About Us

Solace Meds is a Fort Collins Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They have been continuously voted the top medical marijuana dispensary in South Fort Collins, CO. Catering to a vast clientele of cannabis users, this dispensary has the largest selection of top-quality cannabis products from strains to concentrates to edibles, at affordable prices.


The dispensary team at this Fort Collins medical dispensary are knowledgeable and well-educated about the products they carry at their dispensary. Their dedication to the cannabis community is expressed through their personalized, professional, and friendly customer service.


They invite medical marijuana users to visit their renovated Fort Collins location, the variety of marijuana products and overall welcoming atmosphere proves why their dispensary continues to be the leading medical marijuana dispensary in Fort Collins. Your satisfaction with your purchase is their number one priority. They offer a perfect combination of a knowledgeable staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and a variety of medication that is sure to leave you smiling.


Patrons at their dispensary have access to daily deals and specials. Every day of the week, customers can access a different promotion to make their everyday products even more affordable.

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