Solace Meds – Wheat Ridge, CO

Located at: 4845 Van Gordon St

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About Us

Solace Meds  is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Wheat Ridge, CO. This dispensary of Wheat Ridge continues to dominate the medical marijuana products by focusing their attention to the overall wellness of their medical marijuana patients. This dispensary team strives to carry top-quality cannabis products masterfully cultivated and carefully cured in-house to retain maximum potency for full benefits.


This Wheat Ridge medical marijuana dispensary stays committed in serving their medical cannabis community by providing superior customer service and has the largest selection of high-quality medical cannabis products at competitive prices. The team at this Wheat Ridge medical marijuana dispensary are knowledgeable and well-educated about all the products they carry at their dispensary.


The staff of Wheat Ridge provides exceptional customer service attending and listening to the needs of their medical cannabis clientele, they are properly trained to make recommendations based on what the discomforts medical marijuana patients express. The team at the Wheat Ridge medical marijuana dispensary focuses on their medical marijuana patients. Their personalized experiences and active attention to detail assure medical marijuana patients that they are in a safe, comfortable atmosphere with a compassionate team who is dedicated to helping them achieve overall wellness.

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