Southern Vermont Wellness Brattleboro, VT

Located at: 1222 Putney Rd unit 201

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About Us

Southern Vermont Wellness is a medical marijuana dispensary located at Battleboro, Vermont. A non-profit serving Vermont’s residents, they focus on respect and education for patients. They provide affordable marijuana products that are high-quality. Symptom relief and pain management are at the heart of their mission in alternative health practices.


They are dedicated to treating their patients with the utmost care, kindness, and respect. This mentality has helped them cultivate a loyal base of cannabis consuming patients. They strive to offer their clients a safe option versus the dangerous practices of the illegal drug market. Their goal is to achieve the best practices for the production, distribution and regulation of medical cannabis.


Their dispensary offers patients a safe and legal means of obtaining the natural medicines they need to improve their quality of life. They combine medical cannabis products and information with meditation, yoga and various types of support groups. Their staff is specially trained to advise people who are ill. Knowing that they  are helping patients, often at the later stages of their life, has a profound effect. They quickly see how they add value to people’s lives.

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