Sovereign Woods Bozeman, MT

Located at: 14 E Mendenhall, suite C

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About Us

Sovereign Woods is a medical cannabis dispensary located in downtown Bozeman, MT. Also it is more than just a medical marijuana dispensary they are cannabis outfitters of the highest caliber. With a professional and inviting atmosphere, you are encouraged to learn more about the benefits medical marijuana offers to patients living in debilitating pain.


Quality products are what you can expect at this dispensary. With a large selection of flower products, edibles and extracts, patients are sure to find what best meets their needs. Every day they seek to show their patients that they care. They do this by Connecting patients with doctors who specialize in marijuana treatments, Showing care and concern, Providing the best products on the market, Offering patients special deals and promotions.


The helpful staff is available to answer any questions. If you are unsure about which product is best for you, they will point you in the right direction. Also the friendly, professional staff take the time with each patient, ensuring that you receive the product best suited to your needs in an open, understanding, and educational way.

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