Sticky Saguaro – Chandler, AZ

Located at: 12338 East Riggs Road, Chandler, AZ, USA

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About Us

Sticky Saguargo is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Chandler, AZ. They are a family owned and operated business striving to put patient’s needs first. They are here to serve you as their patients and will do their best to assist each and every one of you to meet your quality of life standards.


At this dispensary they not only care about their patients by providing an array of high quality and effective medical marijuana and CBD products. They are also conscientious of the mark that they leave on this planet. They are dedicated in meeting the individualized needs of all their patients. Everything they do is rooted in putting patients first.


Their passion is your passion. They love what they do and they are here for the patients. Not all patients cope with pain the same way. They empathize with individuals and have measures in place for patients requiring personalized consultation, with the opportunity to learn about products on a one to one basis. From their team of managers to their Associates, teamwork is what makes them successful in providing outstanding, caring, and effective service.

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