SWC – Prescott, AZ

Located at: 123 East Merritt Street, Prescott, AZ, USA

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About Us

SWC is a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary located in Prescott, Arizona. This cannabis institution is proud to grow their own cannabis, which enables them to offer the best variety of herbal medicine and carefully control the quality of each product. Their dispensary is also known for their affordable pricing, which keeps the patients in mind; their low retail prices, in addition to regular sales and specials, retain clients long-term.


Their mission is to redefine the perception of cannabis for the experienced user and uninitiated alike. They aspire to provide high-quality, and innovative cannabis products for all people who wish to alleviate symptoms or improve their quality of life.  With a highly trained, friendly, and attentive staff, this dispensary makes sure to maintain a welcoming and safe environment.

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