The Barn – Burton, MI

Located at: 3491 E Bristol Rd, Burton, MI 48529, USA

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About Us

The Barn was established in 2011 as one of Michigan’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to serve patients in the greater Burton, MI. At their dispensary their mission is Wellness. They strive to make every patient feel valued, respected and cared for as their conduct themselves in a professional manner.


They believe their focus on comfort and overall wellness will create an inviting, warm, and comfortable environment that will aid in the patients relief and healing, making their the premier destination for medical cannabis patients in Michigan. They have a comfortable waiting area and private viewing area where you will always have your individual privacy while choosing your medicinal cannabis.


Working with their patients to provide a safe, comfortable and responsible atmosphere is what really sets them apart from other cannabis facilities. The staff at their dispensary is dedicated in respecting all patients and making them feel cared for and valued. The compassionate care for patients extends to providing a safe place for them to learn how to use medical marijuana to their greatest benefit.

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