The Chronic – Los Angeles, CA

Located at: 5485 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032, United States

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About Us

The Chronic is a leading vertically integrated cannabis company, specializing in delivering an exceptional retail experience. Our dedication lies in offering unparalleled customer service, fostering a community-driven approach, and advocating for a quality and respectable cannabis lifestyle. As a fully licensed Recreational & Medical cannabis dispensary based in Los Angeles, California, we take pride in providing a safe, welcoming, and informative environment for adult-use customers and medical patients alike.

At The Chronic, we believe in curating a diverse range of premium cannabis goods at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to guiding customers on their journey towards wellness and relaxation, offering expert advice tailored to individual needs. Whether seeking relief from pain, assistance with sleep, or simply seeking to unwind, our extensive product selection and attentive service guarantee a personalized experience.

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