The Clinic Highlands Denver, CO

Located at: 3460 W 32nd Ave.

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About Us

Welcome to The Clinic, Denver’s premier medical marijuana dispensary. They are committed in providing high quality medical marijuana to their patients at Denver, CO. Their facilities’ style, security, variety, and professionalism have raised the standard for cannabis dispensaries nationwide.


This dispensary has made a history by being one of the first marijuana centers in the United States to sell medical cannabis products. Today, their dispensary offers the same award winning cannabis, available to their medical patients. Their dispensary line of the marijuana dispensaries and is continuing to raise the standard for mmj centers everywhere.


By staying at the forefront of cannabis genetics, cultivation techniques, rigorous tracking methods and impeccable quality control, they provide the best cannabis in the market and has won more than 50 awards, more than any other marijuana dispensary in Colorado.


Their production team understands the importance of patience in the extraction process, which is necessary to ensure the highest quality concentrates will be delivered to the marketplace. Theyr pride themselves on creating specific  strains.

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