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Located at: 1801 16th Ave, Fulton, Illinois 61252, USA

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About Us

The Dispensary is a premium medical  marijuana dispensary located in Fulton, IL. The mandate of this dispensary is to provide high quality cannabis medicine and healing services to people suffering from chronic ailments. They are a compassionate organization. They provide an essential service to the community and offer a safe space for their patients to gather and discuss medical conditions, cannabis specific topics, community discussions, as well as engaging in advocacy work.  Here at Fulton, they offer compassionate care alongside the lowest medical cannabis prices in Illinois.


Their organization, established in late 2014, was originally awarded the first and only permit for ISP District 1 to dispense medical cannabis in the State of Illinois. The owners and founders of the organization were local to the area and had great interest in the medical benefits offered by cannabis, with intentions to make high quality medicine readily available to qualified patients in the area.  With cooperation from the local officials and support from the community,  they were established and strives to bring high quality, compassionate care to the northwest corner of Illinois.


Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting to assist you with all your needs. They are constantly seeking to expand their services to their patients. At this Dispensary, the patients come first. As a patient at their dispensary, they welcome you to their facility.

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