The Fireweed Factory – Juneau, AK

Located at: 237 Front St Juneau, AK, 99801

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About Us

The Fireweed Factory is a Recreational Cannabis dispensary in Juneau, Alaska. As a cultivator of marijuana, this dispensary ensures the quality, potency and safety of their products, which are all inspected by a state-licensed. They grow, cure, and process all of their own cannabis, allowing them to harness their years of cultivation experience for consistent, premium products.


Their dispensary offers indica, sativa and hybrid flower strains, as well as the Shatter, Edibles, Vape cartridges, Pre-rolls cannabis products. As well as offering a plentiful menu of Alaskan heirloom strains at its dispensary in Juneau, AK, the passionate team also provides competitive prices on their cannabis goods, some of which are hybrids exclusive to their dispensary. Their welcoming location and friendly budtenders are excited to serve their dispensary customers, share their cannabis knowledge, and walk visitors through their selection of local Alaskan varieties.

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