The Frost Farms – Anchorage, AK

Located at: 8535 Dimond D Circle, Unit B Anchorage, AK, 99515

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About Us

The Frost Farm is an Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Anchorage,AK. This is a licensed dispensary set up in Anchorage, Alaska, to cater to both medical and recreational marijuana patients. This dispensary, which is meant to open in early 2017 and provide top-quality cannabis products and accessories, will be run by compassionate staff who will put their visitors first.


They are committed in welcoming recreational marijuana customer service, putting their visitors first, and being more than happy to answer any questions and educate their Anchorage customers on different strains, dosages and consumption methods. With legal recreational marijuana on the cusp of arriving in Alaska, their dispensary is proud to be among the first to offer their fine cannabis selection to their dispensary retail customers.


Staff members will spend time educating customers about various strains of cannabis, product forms and methods of consumption. Patients who want to buy more marijuana for recreational use can get all their desired strains and joints from the same location.

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