The Highway Dumont, CO

Located at: 1221 County Road 308

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About Us

The Highway is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving patients at Dumont, CO. This dispensary opened their doors to medical l cannabis users throughout Dumont. They spend time investigating the best products and work with a team of top chefs to produce infused baked good using homemade recipes. Their dispensary has been a family owned operation since the Summer of 2011.Their staff abides by Ballot Amendment 20 and provides exceptional customer service.


Over the years, they added more and more amenities to their store to make it an even more comfortable place for their customers and patients. They now have features restroom access. They work diligently to stay up to date with the most current products and the needs and wants of their customers. Building their knowledge base on cannabis and all their beneficial properties is a priority for them. Let them know if there is something specific you would like them to carry or produce in house.


Their inventory is stocked full with other popular products and brands. They update their strains weekly. Also medical marijuana cardholders get lower prices and access to stronger items.

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