The Prime Leaf – Tucson, AZ

Located at: 4220 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ, USA

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About Us

The Prime Leaf is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Tucson, AZ. This is a state-licensed dispensary proudly serving the medical marijuana communities neighboring Tucson for over five years. The dispensary team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and educating the Tucson community on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Their Purpose is to be the PRIME Producer of PRIME Products that Provide the PRIME of life.


Their dispensary is a warm, welcoming medical marijuana dispensary where patients can find safe and effective relief. Do not let your debilitating condition rob you of your life. They believe the benefits of medical cannabis should not be kept secret. That is why one of their goals is to educate the community by hosting regular cannabis educational services.


This dispensary provides premium products to their patients every day. They make sure they have the most effective strains on the market that are proven to target symptoms and bring relief.  Their menu carries a collection of premium shatters and resins in strain.

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