Theory Wellness – Great Barrington, MA

Located at: 394 Stockbridge Rd

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About Us

Theory Wellness is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Great Barrington, MA. They have a deep passion for cannabis and the role it plays in improving people’s lives. Focused on small batches and unique genetics, they strive to develop and provide the most effective and diverse range of strains and products for patients in Massachusetts. In doing so, they commit themselves to constant reinvention and self-scrutiny, working with and listening to patients to further improve their cannabis therapies.


Their dispensary is committed in making medical marijuana more affordable for Massachusetts patients. They subsidizes medical marijuana costs by up to 20%, for those in need. This dispensary focuses on quality over quantity, offering patients medical cannabis therapies produced from premium seeds.


Their dispensary focuses on educating their patients on all things cannabis. They highlight aspects of their marijuana products such as cannabinoid varieties, terpene preservation, and how they cultivate their products, so patients know exactly what’s in their marijuana medicine.The budtenders are happy to guide patients through their selection of cannabis goods, explaining differences or how to use different application methods. More than anything else, they wants their patients to feel safe and welcome at their marijuana dispensary.

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