Thrive Dispensary – Anna, IL

Located at: 87 Richview Drive, Anna, IL, USA

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About Us

Thrive is an Anna Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Their core mission is to offer patients safe, affordable access to quality medical marijuana in a welcoming environment at Anna, IL.  More than just a dispensary, this dispensary offers a holistic healing experience, providing wellness programs, one-on-one consultations,and more to help patients regain their optimal wellness.


The founding team of the dispensary has brought their expertise in growing and selling cannabis to the medical community of Illinois in the hopes of serving patients in need of compassionate care and symptom relief. The belief in medical marijuana as an alternative therapy is strong within their organization, and it shows in the way their services the qualified medical marijuana patients in the greater Anna area.


They strive to make their patients feel welcome as soon as they walk through the front door. Their compassionate patient assistants are well qualified in conditions and what strains match them best, and gladly help each to find their optimal medical marijuana treatment, strain, dosage and consumption method for their needs. They welcome every patient with open arms, and their dispensary staff can help every patient

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