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Located at: 114 Main St. Sheridan, Montana 59749

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About Us

The Top Shelf Botanicals is a Sheridan Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They offer Sheridan, MT medical marijuana patients the safest, most effective cannabis remedies and caring dispensary experience. Drawing on years of cultivation knowledge, the team goes the extra mile to ensure its medical marijuana offers effective, consistent relief.


The founding team behind the dispensary served Montana’s medical marijuana population in 2009 as caregivers. This team wholeheartedly believes in medical cannabis’ benefits and promises to offer patients the most compassionate service and top-quality medicine.


The staff offers a wide library of cannabis knowledge to its patients, thanks to its collective experience. The team welcomes new patients, identifies their motivation for using cannabis, and discusses potential strains that might fit their needs. They excels at matching health conditions to particular cannabis products and works hard to find an effective cannabis medicine for every patient. All questions are welcome, and there are is there to help you.


Their benefits that Medical Marijuana has to offer and this dispensary promises to provide their patients in the most professional, comfortable and friendly environment. It is their mission to do so.

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