Tricann Alternatives North Berwick, ME

Located at: 19 Buffum Rd. Unit 5

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About Us

Tricann Alternatives is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at North Berwick, ME. They invite medical marijuana patients throughout North Berwick to explore their inventory of premium cannabis products. They take a professional and medical approach to treating ailments and conduct extensive research to develop high-effective formulas to relieve discomfort. North Berwick patients with questions can contact the team by phone and email.


After witnessing several family members struggling with daily activities due to their ailments, the founder of this dispensary was determined to create a line of effective cannabis products to help patients experience relief doing everyday things. They created a full line of marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, capsules, and topicals and offers his products to North Berwick patients at wholesale prices. They cultivate high-quality medical marijuana products designed to effectively treat ailments like appetite loss, insomnia, psoriasis, inflammation, and pain.


The founder of the dispensary created the formula for their effective cannabis capsules, available in sativa formulas that focuses on memory and CBD pain relief, indica formulas that provide anti-inflammatory relief, sleep aid, and extra-strength pain relief. In addition to their exclusive menu, they also carry vape cartridges and topicals.

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