Trilogy Wellness Ellicott City, MD

Located at: 9291 Baltimore National Pike

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About Us

Trilogy Wellness is an Medical Cannabis Dispensary located at Ellicott City, MD. There are on a mission to advance the medical cannabis products and connect suffering individuals with the highest quality cannabis medicine and care. Built on a genuine belief in cannabis’ healing properties, This dispensary helps its patients enhance their quality of life through responsible cannabis use. The team developed its facility as one of the first safe, compliant havens for patients to access effective cannabis medicine. Their caregivers offer a personalized and educational resource of care for every cannabis customer.


The staff undergoes regular educational training to offer the most up-to-date details and medical cannabis information. Safe inside the dispensary, medical cannabis patients enjoy tailored guidance and respectful care at every step of the healing process.The partners of the dispensary are exclusively with Maryland-based vendors who utilize the latest advancements in cannabis cultivation, processing and safety. The dispensary team holds its partners to the same rigorous standards to which it holds itself to ensure Ellicott City patients receive the finest products.

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