Triple M – Mashpee, MA

Located at: 29 Echo Road

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About Us

Triple M is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Mashpee, MA. They focus  on providing high-quality cannabis products for medicinal use and personal wellbeing. The Mashpee dispensary team wants to help any person in need understand medical marijuana and offer them a safe environment to discover and access cannabis. They hands patients the cannabis tools to improve their quality of life.


The group shared a vision of providing suffering individuals access to safe, tested medical marijuana in a welcoming and professional environment. In 2017, They became the first medical marijuana dispensary in the greater Mashpee and Cape Cod regions and scored highest on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dispensaryevaluation.


The staff seeks to provide the most welcoming and professional experience possible to every patient who visits. The care specialists are highly educated and able to guide both experienced patients and newcomers. The team gladly answers questions and sets aside as much time as needed to help patients find the most efficient marijuana medicine.

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