TruBliss – Mesa, AZ

Located at: 6844 East Parkway Norte, Mesa, AZ, USA

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About Us

Trubliss is an Arizona regulated licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Mesa, Arizona. They are bringing a revolutionary vision to the dispensing of cannabis (marijuana). It is their mission to elevate the patient’s experience by providing quality organic and conventionally grown cannabis at competitive prices.


Their goal is to educate consumers about every part of cannabis (CBDs, terpenes, THC and more) for a more full-body experience and sense of well-being. They pride themselves on creating a comfortable and professional environment in which patients can have the products and service they need to alleviate their symptoms.


In addition to their cannabis, they will be showcasing products that support health for theri patients. They are not just about getting high. This dispensary comes from being healthy and helping others to find their optimums. They put organic in your cannabis experience. Their marijuana dispensary has approximately 100 different products and up to 30 strains to choose from to provide the perfect state of the dispensary.

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