Trulieve – Bradenton, FL

Located at: 6722 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL, USA

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About Us

Trulieve Bradenton, FL is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They are honored to serve medical marijuana patients in Bradenton and the Manatee County region as a Florida Department of Health licensed medical cannabis dispensary. Dedicated to helping suffering patients in need, they Amendment 2 compliant dispensary provides top-tier medical marijuana with dedicated, compassionate patient care.  A team of medical, horticultural and pharmaceutical professionals founded them out of passionate belief in medical marijuana’s ability to relieve a variety of health issues.


They believe in the holistic power of cannabis’ healing potential, particularly in the face of those suffering from opioid addictions due to prescription medication. This medical marijuana dispensary team is committed to providing Bradenton patients with a custom-tailored cannabis experience. Highly knowledgeable in all things medical marijuana, their employees can work with their patients’ doctors to provide the optimal cannabis care for their particular qualifying condition. They welcome every visitor to their Bradenton dispensary with a smile. Patients can rest assured they are receiving the latest in cannabis research and best in product quality when they visit the dispensary.

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