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Located at: 6259 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Trulieve Jacksonville, FL is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Open as of July 12th, 2017.  They are the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Jacksonville. They proudly invites qualifying medical marijuana patients in Jacksonville and beyond to explore their selection of pharmaceutical-quality medical cannabis. Dedicated to offering every dispensary visitor compassionate and knowledgeable care, they operates in full compliance with Amendment 2 and is passionate about sharing marijuana’s alternative healing with those in need. This dispensary in Jacksonville is a department of health licensed dispensary ready to serve the Jacksonville and Florida community.


The founders passionately believe in marijuana’s potential to provide relief for a variety of conditions, especially in its effectiveness over harmful pharmaceutical opioids. Passionate about alternative and lasting holistic relief, and their mission is to provide suffering patients with safe access to information and knowledge regarding medical cannabis.


The Jacksonville dispensary staff makes every effort to make medical marijuana patients feel at home and comfortable enough to ask questions. They are highly knowledgeable on all things cannabis and will address any patient’s concerns to help them find the ideal marijuana treatment for their specific lifestyle and health problems. Every visitor at marijuana dispensary is greeted with a smile and can rest assured they will receive the best of care through their compassionate service and high-quality cannabis.

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