Trulieve – Miami, FL

Located at: 4020 Northwest 26th Street, Miami, FL, USA

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About Us

Trulieve stands as one of Florida’s premier medical marijuana dispensaries, based in Miami, FL and proudly providing natural, cannabis relief in full compliance with the recently passed Amendment. Crafting pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicine and dedicating their efforts to improving their patients’ wellness, they continually moves toward their goal of helping every Florida patient achieve lasting, effective relief.


This dispensary team wanted to offer suffering Miami patients an alternative form of relief. After Florida’s public passed Amendment 2, they gradually transitioned their cannabis product selection from solely low-THC medicines to include traditional marijuana treatment in their dispensaries. From their dispensary in Miami, they now delivers their medical marijuana to patients across the state.


This Miami dispensary staff works hard to ensure each of their Miami patients receive the best cannabis treatment and customer care. They tailor individual marijuana healing to match specific health conditions, collaborating with their patients’ physicians to offer patients the most suitable cannabis relief. Offering a knowledge, and compassion, this cannabis dispensary team greets each patient with a smile, dedicated to aiding them in finding their optimal level of health through medical marijuana.

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