Trulieve – Rockville, MD

Located at: 12200 Rockville Pike

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About Us

Trulieve is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. This dispensary is located conveniently in Rockville, MD. Their goal is to create a medical marijuana dispensary experience where safety, education, and convenience are paramount. This dispensary provides the best available medicine.  As they have layers of quality control systems designed to ensure that any medicine that leaves their facility will exceed their patients’ expectations.


Their product procurement team’s only objective is to meet their patients’ needs. They have already developed strains that you will not find at any other dispensaries. There are the safest dispensary you will ever visit. At their dispensary you will be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff members with expertise in medical cannabis products as well as MMJ card certifications and renewals.


They are committed to providing the best customer service possible.  As the medical marijuana dispensary in Maryland develops and matures, their team to grow and develop with its patients.  They were built around their patients and ultimately providing customer service. Their team has been trained by experts flown in from all over the United States.  They are committed to furthering medical cannabis movement by offering respect, education and promises to their patients, neighbors, and the public.

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