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Located at: 304 Hwy 133

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Tumbleweed Dispensary is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Carbondale, CO. Their dispensary is proud to offer customers access to an expansive menu with options suited for every taste and need. Every strain is crafted in a quality-controlled setting to ensure maximum safety and efficiency standards are met.The founders of this dispensary moved from Minneapolis to Colorado to establish their marijuana dispensary in the western portion of the state.


The founders named their dispensary after the plant and quickly got to work in their new shop. Some of the options available for purchase at their dispensary include a range of products in the following strains Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.Today, this dispensary brings high-quality strains, flowers, edibles and more to customers in a warm, welcoming facility they can enjoy entering. The team members believe nothing is more vital than offering high-quality products, which is why their dispensary gives customers access to only the best green buds available. And also locals love their jaw-dropping prices and giant selections.

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