Urban Farmer Missoula, MT

Located at: 120 South Ave W, Missoula MT 59801

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About Us

Urban Farmer is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They are ecstatic to serve medical cannabis patients in Missoula, MT and beyond with compassionate care and finely crafted medicinal marijuana. With an excellent strain selection and welcoming dispensary atmosphere, they connect individuals with lasting cannabis relief and an improved overall quality of life.


Before Montana’s medicinal cannabis legislation went into turmoil, the founders of this dispensary were some of the state’s top cannabis professionals. The founders of the dispensary carry many years experience helping Montana patients achieve wellness through medical marijuana.


Their top priorities are the health and comfort of their patients. Their dispensary atmosphere is sleek and professional, with an open floor plan that offers plenty of room and space to explore their cannabis. They also offer private consultation rooms for their Missoula patients to encourage them to ask questions and voice their concerns.


They offer delivery to homebound patients in the Missoula area. First-time patients can request a visit where a delivery staff member will help them register for the dispensary and talk about their individual needs.

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