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Vireo Health is a Albany Medical Marijuana Dispensary committed to providing patients in Albany, NY and across New York access to pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis coupled with the best possible compassionate care. Organized and operated by a team of doctors, scientists and professionals, this is a medical marijuana dispensary that strives to help each of their patients attain an improved quality of life through medical marijuana.


The company won their New York dispensary license in July 2015, and since opening their medical marijuana dispensary doors in Albany and throughout New York, they have helped hundreds of New York medical cannabis patients relieve their suffering using medical marijuana treatments.


This is a physician-led Albany medical marijuana dispensary and approaches every aspect of their operations with their patients in mind. Priding themselves on their dedication to excellence, the team offers personalized patient care where all questions are concerns are addressed. their onsite pharmacists collaborate with each patient to determine the best marijuana medicine for their conditions, utilizing a “Go Low, Start Slow” approach to find a patient’s optimal treatment.

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