Vireo Health Binghamton Johnson City, NY

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Vireo Health is a Johnson City Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They offer patients in Johnson City, NY and throughout New York high quality and expertly formulated cannabis medicine combined with compassionate, professional and nonjudgmental patient care. Created and directed by a dispensary team of physicians and cannabis industry professionals, they also assists their patients in improving their overall quality of life with consistent and effective cannabis therapies.


They have won their New York registered organization license in July 2015, and since opening their doors at the beginning of 2016, their locations in Johnson City and beyond have aided thousands of medical cannabis patients find relief and regain their quality of life.  As a physician-founded organization, the health of the patients is central to every aspect of their company. Their Johnson City patients are their top priority, and the dispensary staffs dedicated medical marijuana patient care pharmacists to explain the varieties in cannabis strains, different consumption methods and many other facets of medical marijuana use. They employ a “Go Low, Start Slow” philosophy for dosage, and together with their patients, their pharmacists studiously work to find the optimal medical cannabis solution for their patient’s symptoms.

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