Windy City Cannabis – Homewood, IL

Located at: 1137 175th Street, Homewood, IL, USA

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About Us

Windy City Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at location Homewood, IL. At this dispensary in Homewood, it is their goal to be a reliable medical marijuana dispensary that also brings understanding and education to the region. Because medical marijuana is a new frontier, they are a leading voice in the advocacy of its use.


There are many misconceptions about cannabis in both the medical community and the country at large. They seek to bring truth to these false ideas and prove that medical marijuana is a practical from of treatment for many debilitating diseases. Their dispensary in Homewood is happy to offer the local community highly rated cannabis products. You will find standard cannabis flowers in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid varieties.


Whether this is your first time visiting a dispensary or you are switching to their dispensary in Homewood, you can trust their staff truly wants to help. As a patient, you will love Homewood’s comfortable, modern building and extensive selection of high-grade cannabis products.

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