Windy City Cannabis – Posen, IL

Located at: 2535 Veterans Drive, Posen, IL, USA

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About Us

Windy City Cannabis is a medical cannabis dispensary with location in Posen, IL. Their dispensary in Posen is leading the way in medical marijuana education and retail. This is a vocal advocate for the use of medical marijuana. They hold regular community education events for both the public and physicians to learn about the benefits of medical marijuana.


Their goal is to bring the truth to both the local medical community and the public. The Posen dispensary is a modern facility with a sleek design and only the highest-grade products. They offer a huge selection of highly-rated products. These include cannabis flower favorites like Blue Dream, Bubble Gum and Doc OG. Their mission is to provide their patients with leading service, products, and education.


Knowing where to start your search for a trustworthy medical marijuana provider can be difficult. Whether you are a first-timer or are switching to their dispensary as your primary dispensary, you will quickly realize they want to make the process as simple as possible. They are available to answer any questions and will work with you to find the product that offers you the most relief.

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