Yellowstone Cannabis Billings, MT

Located at: 4194 HWY 312

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About Us

Yellowstone Cannabis is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving patients at Billings , MT. They proudly introduces their dedicated medical marijuana service to patients in Billings and beyond through their newly opened dispensary facility. Their selection of top-quality cannabis goods is combined with compassionate care and knowledge of product to improve patients quality of life.


They began operating a delivery service for Billings patients in 2015 and in September 2017 opened their first marijuana dispensary storefront. Featuring clean, top-quality cannabis paired with caring, individualized service, their dispensary takes special care to provide Billings patients with marijuana relief at a great price.


Their team works closely with their patients and takes the time to understand their specific needs to address any questions they might have. Their dispensary staff will walk visitors through various samples of flower and other cannabis products and explain the differences between each’s effects and properties. The staff at the dispensary takes pride in what they do and works hard to ensure any suffering patient in Billings in beyond can safely and securely access clean, top-quality marijuana medicine.

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