Zen Leaf – Highland Park, IL

Located at: 1460 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL, USA

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About Us

Zen Leaf is a premier source for medicinal cannabis dispensary in Highland Park, IL. This is a state-licensed dispensary of medical marijuana products. They exist to make it simple and easy for qualified patients to get safe access to the highest quality information and expertise.


They are here to bring a sensible and informed perspective to your care. Learn for yourself and discover a great experience with experts that can help you find your level. They will help you customize a medicinal plan that will help you find your level and get you back to feeling like yourself again. There are a very different kind of medicinal cannabis store, conveniently located.


The helpful staff and stress-free environment at this dispensary ensures you can do just that. They want to make everything as simple as possible. Patients are not faceless numbers, so they want each person to feel like a part of their community.


Their goals are Care and professionalism, You can be sure the staff will address your every concern. Not only is their dispensary a safe place to discuss your needs confidentially, but it is also in a secure location.

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