4 Ways Cannabis May Help You Survive the Summer

June 29, 2020 10:50 am ET
4 Ways Cannabis May Help You Survive the Summer

Summer is upon us, and according to just about everyone everywhere, it’s going to be a hot one. So far, 2020 has been an extremely bumpy roller coaster ride. Midway through the year, we shouldn’t expect anything less than an exceptionally hotter than normal summer. This means a change in the way we get our summer on. Outdoor activities can end up taking a lot more out of us. This means we need to plan them a little bit differently. When it comes to what you’re doing this summer and how you’re doing it, be sure that you consider your cannabis routine in these thoughts as well.

Edibles and The Summer Outdoors

Cannabis seems to be more effective for many people who consume it in a hot environment—eating edibles when outdoors can be very different than eating them in a controlled air-condition environment. If you plan on throwing back a few edibles before hitting the beach, lake, or swimming pool this summer, you might want to consider using less than you normally do. You might find that you can use half the amount you normally do and still get the same effect. This means that the summer heat could actually help stretch your edibles twice as far as they normally go.

Cannabis Topicals and Insect Bites

Buzz is a word associated with cannabis, but it is also associated with the noise or sound made by pesky pests that are in abundance during the summer months. All sorts of flying and biting insects are out during the summer. Some of the worst are mosquitoes and horseflies. Should you happen to be the victim of an attack by these flying biting menaces, you can find yourself covered in itchy red bumps. Instead of running to the store to buy over the counter steroid creams, you might want to consider using cannabis-infused topical. There are many different THC or CBD infused topicals that you might find do the trick helping to stop the itch in a more natural way. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are also known to help the skin heal extremely fast.

Avoid The Heat With Cannabis

During the heat of summer, you might find yourself looking for other ways to stay cool. Smoking cannabis could potentially lower your body temperature, helping you to feel cooler. Rumor has it that many island people consume cannabis to help them stay cool in the tropical environments in which they reside. A more technical explanation of cannabis helping to cool the body can be found on the NCBI in a study titled, “Behavioral and Temperature Effects of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol in Human-Relevant Doses in Rats.”

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Although the rapid, transient decrease in skin temperature following sensory stimulation results from acute vasoconstriction, and THC appears to have no effects on these adaptive vascular responses, a tonic decrease in basal skin temperature after THC could be related to lowering body core temperature and decreases in the temperature of arterial blood supply. On the other hand, lower body temperature could cause a compensatory increase in vascular tone in order to diminish heat dissipation to the external environment. Both these effects tend to decrease skin temperature. -NCBI

Keep Your Cool this Summer

During the dog days of summer, when it is hot and sticky, you can find yourself a little extra moody. Traffic, co-workers, and even family can get you on edge. Beat the heat and a bad attitude with a bowl or a joint or even an edible. Consuming cannabis can help calm you down and, in essence, help you keep your cool this summer.

Unlike alcohol and other substances, cannabis tends to make consumers feel more chilled-out than fired up. Perhaps this is why all the hippies hold up peace signs and scream about peace and love. If you find yourself losing your cool this summer getting a heated attitude, perhaps some cannabis might just be the thing to help you keep your cool.

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