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Art Meets Social Justice in ‘The Stone Age,’ NYC’s Immersive Cannabis Exhibit

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

October 22, 2021 09:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Art Meets Social Justice in ‘The Stone Age,’ NYC’s Immersive Cannabis Exhibit

Do you love cannabis? Are you curious about cannabis? Does the thought of going to a cannabis event sound exciting? If you answered yes to any of these and happen to be near New York City, you’re in luck. The city’s first immersive cannabis exhibit, called “The Stone Age,” opened on Oct. 1 and can be found at 607 Avenue of the Americas. However, prepare yourself: This multi-sensory cannabis experience is anything but ordinary.

When it comes to cannabis events, people tend to either love them or hate them. Some folks love the opportunity to gather in large crowds of like-minded people to connect over a plant they love. Other people view the smoking competitions, cannabis vendors, and loud music as boring and stereotypical.

Speaking as someone who has attended many different cannabis events, most of them are rather dull. Some—like the Cannazar even held in Denver, Colorado—offer a unique focus on art and community. Others—like many of the cannabis cup events I have attended—are nothing more than flea markets with live music and food. However, The Stone Age is a new kind of cannabis experience altogether.

A New Experience From the Creators of Immersion

The Stone Age is designed to be a unique presentation of cannabis culture, brought to the community by the creators of an event called Immersion that took place in California in 2017. Created to highlight the five senses, the event was held at a house gazing out upon the Pacific Ocean. Participants were blindfolded for dinner before engaging in activities like painting their essence, inhaling essential oils, and becoming immersed in a sound bath, all aided by the therapeutic attributes of cannabis.

The event successfully showcased the cannabis community and culture in an inventive way and was a huge hit. Now, the creators of Immersion are back with The Stone Age, which consists of eight multi-sensory, thought-provoking installations across an impressive 9,000 square feet of exhibition space uniquely curated to facilitate an unforgettable cannabis-themed experience.

Sasha Perelman and Elizabeth Santana, the creators of The Stone Age, told media sources,

“Upon entering, guests will be transported from the bustling NYC streets through an ethereal light portal into The Stone Age—an immersive journey designed to visually and emotionally spark the senses. Visitors [will] learn about the effects of cannabis on the body, the mind and soul, through interactive attractions consisting of: a motion-activated painting screen, make-your-own beats DJ booth, an orgasmic light sculpture, black-light murals and more.”

The Stone Age will differ from Immersion in one distinct way: The experience will not include cannabis consumption. Even though medical and retail cannabis is permitted in the state of New York, visitors to the exhibit cannot have cannabis on-premises—that means no vaping, smoking, concentrates, or edibles. With that in mind, there is no law stating that you can’t consume edibles before the event—the creators actually encourage it.

One of the eight installations of The Stone Age exhibit is sponsored by Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit working to bring justice to those incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. According to Time Out, the installation raises awareness about the impact of the war on drugs by sharing the stories and artwork of those unjustly incarcerated. “We wanted to humanize the victims of the war on drugs,” said Perelman.

“Exploring the unique connections between plant medicine, creativity, awareness, arousal, and more,” according to the website, The Stone Age is sure to inspire cannabis connoisseurs of all backgrounds. Tickets must be bought in advance and range from $39 for general admission to $59 for premiere access and two hours in the exhibit. If The Stone Age is calling your name, don’t wait—you have until Nov. 24 to experience this one-of-a-kind, eye-opening event.

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